Dedicated to the Veterinary Industry

From small to large, from primary care to specialty, from companion to equine and large animal

Veterinary Business Advisors’ (VBA) mission is to empower people and practices to manage all aspects of the veterinary profession by transforming the way veterinarians do business. We provide services tailored to meet the specific and dynamic needs of each individual and practice. We help all types of practices (small, large, companion, equine, specialty, and primary care) navigate legal, human resources, and practice management issues and provide finite solutions.

Who We Help:

Veterinary Practices

Hospital Managers and Administrators

Veterinary Clinics

Veterinary Landlords and Tenants

Emergency Hospitals

Specialty and Emergency Hospitals

Veterinary Clinics



Equine & Large Animal Practices

What Problems We Solve

Here are a few common problems veterinary practices experience that we can help with


Building a culture that makes the practice a place where people want to work

Sourcing, attracting, recruiting, onboarding, and managing managers
Writing paraprofessional job descriptions with clear expectations, competitive compensation, and desirable benefits
Developing and tailoring employee handbooks, policies, and standard operating procedures
Managing and coaching employees and leadership
Handling performance management, motivation, and accountability
Facilitating communication challenges, conflict resolution, and employee exits
Navigating the employee life cycle, including hiring, retaining, and terminating
Implementing industry-leading HR products and tool kits
Auditing HR, legal and best practices compliance – a business self-assessment

How We Help Our Clients

Great responsive and knowledgeable team. They did a review of our employee handbook. It was timely and thorough. They made appropriate recommendations and even provided us supporting forms and documentation. I would highly recommend VBA.

Jessica Molina

Thank you to the VBA team for doing such an amazing job with the transition of our practice. We are so thankful that we had you in our court. Every penny spent with VBA was well worth the investment, knowing that they were looking out for our best interests and educating us along the journey. I can’t thank them enough or stop singing their praises.

Dean Tyson

Dr. Lacroix was a great speaker and so easy to engage with. She is warm and personable yet top notch in her area of expertise and very professional. She gave real life examples to relate the information. She tailors the conversation to meet the needs of the group. She was capable of answering what seemed like any questions with great depth and knowledge. 8 hours of lecture flew by…I would highly recommend her!

Cindy Sandefer

I turned to VBA when I was having doctor disputes over contracts. I will never do a contract without them again! Dr. Lacroix not only explains contract terms clearly, but does it in such a way that I can then turn around and explain the contract clearly to my doctors. Since working with VBA, I haven’t had any issues and I feel very comfortable that if any problems arise, I will be in good hands.

Marina Siegert

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