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Veterinary Business Advisors offers a variety of educational and speaking programs for individuals and teams to learn and grown.

The VBA team, including founder, veterinarian, and lawyer, Charlotte Lacroix, DVM, JD, travels extensively throughout the year, delivering powerful and informative presentations at numerous veterinary conferences and universities.

Please see our Speaking Calendar
to view a list of upcoming dates when Dr. Lacroix and our VBA team members will be presenting. In addition to these speaking engagements, VBA also offers customized retreats along with lectures, continuing education programs, and webinars.


Lectures, workshops, interviews, and continuing education seminars




One-on-one coaching empowerment sessions


Customized practice retreats

Dr. Peter Blauner, AAEP Attendee

Just had to send you a note to let you know that I have listened to over 30 presentations from the AAEP virtual convention and your presentations are hands down the most articulate, well organized, and interesting ones of the entire proceedings. You have a great talent for presenting the information in a logical and structured format yet not boring. Your delivery is excellent as well.

Pamela L. Fabian, MSW, CVPM, ACVC Attendee

Dr. Lacroix is one of my favorite speakers!!  She presents current legislation as it relates to our industry in a language that is practical and easy to understand.

Cindy Sandefer, Sand Road Animal Hospital. LLC, ACVC Attendee

Dr. Lacroix was a great speaker and so easy to engage with. She is warm and personable yet top notch in her area of expertise and very professional. She gave real life examples to relate the information. She tailors the conversation to meet the needs of the group. She was capable of answering what seemed like any question with great depth and knowledge. 8 hours of lecture flew by… I would highly recommend her!

Dawn Smith, MWVC Attendee

Thanks for a presentation that was informative and motivating. I’m already implementing some of the strategies discussed at the Midwest Veterinary Conference. I can really appreciate your dual perspectives from the legal and veterinary viewpoint.

IVECCS Attendee

I attended Dr. Lacroix’s lectures at VECCS 2018 in New Orleans. She was a very engaging speaker with a wealth of knowledge. Having both a veterinary and legal background certainly gives her a clear perspective on how laws and regulations translate into a clinic environment. I felt the information given at the lectures was applicable and valuable, and I left with great information and ideas to take back to my clinic!

Agate Bay (owner), VMG Meeting Attendee

Really appreciated Dr Lacroix’s informative and eminently implementable points on HR and avoiding legal mistakes with my medical team! I’m heading straight home to correct my team manual, using the simple heuristics that Dr Lacroix shared with our group.  Many thanks for an interesting and highly useful talk!!

Dr. Davis, DVM

Sitting in Dr. Lacroix’s presentations were nothing less than eye opening! What I thought would be a boring talk on the law, liabilities, and veterinary medicine turned out to be an enlightening venture navigating through situations I thought I covered after 30+ years in practice. While for a short moment I felt defeated and slightly depressed, it was only for a short moment. Her motivation, explanations, and recommendations for corrective measures got me in gear to rethink current policies and procedures at my hospital, update my employee manual and other documents, and re-educate my staff regarding many of the issues she discussed. Each staff meeting will address many of these issues and become a permanent part of our agenda. I have a thriving and successful practice and want to keep my risks at a minimum. She was refreshing and enlightening. Thanks for the boost!

Holi Lederer, PM, Santa Clarita, CA

I had the pleasure of attending Dr. Lacroix’s lecture session titled “A Manager’s Role in Veterinary Ethics” last week. I am new to the veterinary field. My past 10 years of experience has been in human medical management. Dr. Lacroix’s session was interactive, encouraged audience participation, and really made me think about the dilemmas that come up in veterinary medicine; dilemmas that would not come about in human medicine. I met some amazing managers and had very productive interactions in this session. If you ever have the opportunity, attending one of Dr. Lacroix’s sessions will be time well-spent.

IVECCS Attendee

Dr Lacroix presented an excellent lecture at the IVECCS Meeting in NOLA regarding corporate buyouts in veterinary medicine. She is an extremely knowledgeable and vibrant speaker and very easy to listen to. The information was excellent and extremely worthwhile especially at this time. Kudos and well-done Dr Lacroix.

Marian Rowland BS CVPM

Dr. Lacroix’s Ethics lecture was the most vibrant and interesting session I attended at the VHMA this year. She is such a great speaker and engages with the audience, keeping your attention the whole time. What I loved most about the content was that she gave puzzling scenarios for us to work through with multiple issues that would twist the case even further. It really brought to light what could possibly happen at our practices and where our current holes in protocol are that need plugging.

Joanne Graham, CVPM

Dr. Lacroix’s lecture at the VHMA Annual Conference was excellent. She is interesting, engaging and an expert in her field. Her high degree of knowledge regarding HR, Law and Ethics is evident but she presents in a way that is relevant and accessible to all levels of management. I enjoyed how much Dr. Lacroix encouraged participation and audience feedback and tailored her presentation to audience questions. Within days of the conference ending, I received the promised supporting information from the lecture and am able to review and begin to implement while the information is still fresh in my head! I would love to see Dr. Lacroix speak again

IVECCS Attendee

I attended Dr. Lacroix’s lectures at VECCS 2018 in New Orleans. She was a very engaging speaker with a wealth of knowledge. Having both a veterinary and legal background certainly gives her a clear perspective on how laws and regulations translate into a clinic environment. I felt the information given at the lectures was applicable and valuable, and I left with great information and ideas to take back to my clinic!

Terra Shastri, OVMA Chief Experience Officer

On behalf of the OVMA team, we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to VBA and Dr. Charlotte Lacroix’s exceptional contribution as speaker at our recent Great Ideas event. Her expertise and egaging presentations truly made it an extraordinary experience for all attendees. Additionally, we are immensely grateful for the time and effort that was clearly invested in preparing and delivering such an eventful talk. Dr. Lacroix’s expertise and passion truly shined, and left a lasting impression on everyone who attended. The valuable knowledge and practical tools that were shared have undoubtedly equipped our members with new ideas and techniques to enhance their practices. Thank you Dr. Lacroix and the VBA team for being an integral part of our event, your dedication and commitment to advancing the veterinary profession are trully inspiring.

Damon Thompson, Territory Manager for Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health Canada

Delegates raved about Dr. Charlotte Lacroix’s content and celebrated her engaging and enjoyable presentation style!

VMG Group Participants 2024

She is a wealth of knowledge and I could have listened to her present for another several hours.”

I thought she was very personable, asked for audience participation enough and was very informative. “

“I loved that Charlotte was so open, candid, and focused on common issues that most veterinary hospitals are facing today. Charlotte was extremely engaging throughout her entire presentation. Easy to follow, organized, and I learned a lot!!”

She was great at being very informative and also very flexible in answering our questions and keeping up with the group. Really enjoyed learning from her and feel much more comfortable in handling a lot of HR topics.”

I really enjoyed her knowledge of the subject matter and she was excellent in presenting it.”

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Speaking Calendar 2024

January 13th, 2024 – January 17th, 2024

VMX Orlando, FL- Charlotte Lacroix DVM, JD 

“Setting Up an Urgent Care Department” “Hot Legal Issues for 2024” “What are the Secret Ingredients?”

January 24th, 2024- January 25th, 2024

WMPG – Tucson, AZ-  Charlotte Lacroix, DVM, JD

“The Necessity of Solid Buy-Sell Agreements”

January 17th,2024-January 19th, 2024

VMG 7- Charlotte, NC- Kellie Olah, CVPM, SPHR


February 18th, 2024 – February 21st, 2024

WVC – Las Vegas, NV- Charlotte Lacroix DVM, JD

“Regroup on Hot Legal Issues, CBD, Telemedicine, & Non-competes” “Attracting Talent” “Considerations when Selling Your Practice but Holding onto the Real Estate” “Implementing Telemedicine in your Practice” 

February 29th, 2024- March 1st, 2024

WMPG-  Tucson, AZ – Charlotte Lacroix, DVM, JD

“The Necessity of Solid Buy-Sell Agreements”

April 15th-16th, 2024

VMG-33 – Williamsburg, VA – Charlotte Lacroix, DVM, JD

“HR Bootcamp”

April 17th-21st, 2024

FVMA – Orlando, FL –  Kellie Olah, CVPM, SPHR

” Workplace Culture: Go from Surviving to Thriving”, “Recruiting Techniques to Stay Competitive and Compliant”, “Responding to Despairing Comments on Social Media”, “Performance Management Program (It is Not Just a Form but a Program with a Process)”

April 22nd- April 25th, 2024

VMG-60 –  Coronado, FL –  Charlotte Lacroix, DVM, JD

Topics TBD






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