Dedicated to Empowering Veterinary Practices and Individuals

Mission Statement

Veterinary Business Advisors’ mission is to empower people and practices to manage all aspects of the veterinary profession by transforming the way veterinarians do business. We provide services tailored to meet the specific and dynamic needs of each individual. We build value for our clients by consistently producing superior results. In pursuit of this mission, we will be governed by the following core values that provide direction and consistency in our decision making.


We are committed to the ongoing pursuit of excellence for our clients, for the advancement of their business, and the future of the veterinary industry. We are dedicated, enthusiastic, and inspired professionals, driven to improve the business environment of the profession. Passion and determination are contagious, and we believe our clients will feel energized by these values.

Client Advocacy

We advise and inform our clients to minimize their risk exposure and foster long-lasting relationships with them and their businesses. We strive to be their best resource for information and solutions to their challenges, all while assisting them in understanding their circumstances.

Superior Client Service

We provide superior client service by customizing our services based upon our clients’ needs and integrating our expertise in functional areas with our deep knowledge of veterinary issues.


We are committed to contributing to the success of every other employee, which represents a collective portrait of VBA’s success. Each member of VBA embraces a code of conduct that fosters trust, sharing of information, and accountability, necessary to ensure we are focused and consistent in our decision making. We value that we each can be leaders or followers, enabling us to grow VBA and remove barriers that challenge us.


We are active and attentive listeners, seeking to accurately understand our clients’ circumstances and objectives. We respond to these objectives promptly and thoroughly, adjusting our communication style to the needs of our clients.

Integrity, Trust, and Confidentiality

We maintain and promote the highest professional standards relative to our work and behavior in our interactions with clients and each other. We ensure all client communication and information is kept confidential and safeguarded.
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