Practical, hands-on experience for veterinary students

Are you a 3rd or 4th year veterinary student who wonders how non-medical issues may affect your career? Are you interested in the business side of owning or running a practice?

The VBA Externship program will expose you to many of the legal and business issues you could face while working in a veterinary practice. During our intensive 3-6 week opportunity, you’ll be immersed into a plethora of real life situations. For instance:

  • Employer/employee contract negotiations
  • Buying and selling of veterinary practices
  • Veterinary partnerships – relationship challenges
  • Conflict resolution
  • Financing
  • Construction/Expansion
  • Client issues
  • Malpractice
  • And many more

To learn more about the VBA Externship program, download our letter and application.

Here’s what our past externs have to say…

Danielle Esplin (2018) My externship at VBA was full of fantastic various experiences. I was able to experience first-hand practice sales, practice acquisitions, employment contracts, hiring/firing employees, and on-site human resource practice audits. Charlotte, Kellie, and the rest of the VBA team made it their priority to involve me and answer my many questions. They gave me the respect of a colleague and instilled much dedication into my progress. I had a wonderful time and have gained insights, and connections, I will carry long into my veterinary career, especially as I work  toward practice ownership. Thank you Charlotte, Kellie, and the rest of the VBA team.

Benjamin Donati (2016) It would be tough to give a full and proper listing of all the things I learned with my 4 weeks at Veterinary Business Advisors. Dr. Lacroix and Kellie were unbelievable in letting me ask all sorts of questions throughout the day and I felt so welcomed by the entire VBA team from day one. Throughout the externship, I gained an exponentially-better understanding of practice/sale agreements, non-compete clauses, succession plans, tax implications, and more. VBA’s clients were very willing in allowing me to listen in on their conference calls, meet in person, or visit their hospital. Each day was varied and, along with client communication, I was able to research many aspects of the profession, of which I had previously known very little. The value of the externship at VBA cannot be overstated. And this is not an externship exclusively for future practice owners; for anyone interested in practicing veterinary medicine in any capacity, spending time with VBA while in school will provide incredible insight. I am so grateful to VBA for the wonderful perspective I developed on the future of veterinary medicine during our 4 weeks together.

Nicole DiNenno (2016) The four weeks I spent at Veterinary Business Advisors was one of the most valuable experiences I could have ever imagined. I was exposed to a wide variety of subject matter that has made my education a more comprehensive one. I spent much of my time participating in conference calls ranging from contract negotiations, practice sales and purchases, partnership agreements, employee relations, liability questions, and reviewing and editing a variety of legal and business documents. There was even an opportunity to visit a local practice for a site visit! The entire team at VBA made me feel so welcome and they were always open to questions and discussions. I know that my time here has helped me to become more prepared for the business issues and legal ramifications that so many veterinarians face. I would highly recommend the externship to every veterinary student, regardless of whether you plan on becoming a practice owner.

Rebecca Donnelly (2015) My three-week externship at Veterinary Business Advisors has been both incredibly enjoyable and invaluable. Throughout my time at VBA, I was able to review a variety of documents: from employee contracts, to buy-sell agreements, partnership agreements, leases, employee handbooks, and even more. I’ve also been involved in countless consultations: from negotiating employee contracts, to preparing for employee terminations, representing the purchaser or seller of a practice, drafting leases, subleases, and still more. Dr. Lacroix and Kellie Olah were incredible teachers, and everyone at the practice immediately made me feel welcomed and appreciated. Through the insights I have gained, I feel that I am much better equipped to navigate the legal and business challenges that I am bound to encounter throughout my veterinary career.




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