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Dr. Lacroix travels extensively throughout the year, delivering powerful and informative presentations at dozens of veterinary practice conferences and conventions. Please review our calendar of appearances below to learn more. If you like to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Lacroix at one of the conferences where she will be speaking, please contact us with your preferred appointment date and time.


Dr. Charlotte Lacroix

September 28th & October 19th
Columbus, OH
Teaching Topics:
Animals & The Law

U of Florida
Dr. Charlotte Lacroix

September 24th & October 1st
Teaching Topics:
Animal Law

Royal Canin Women’s Leadership Forum
Dr. Charlotte Lacroix

October 13, 2018
Washington DC
Speaking Topics:
Rules of Engagement: The Leading Role Women Play in Negotiation

VMG 37
Dr. Charlotte Lacroix

November 16-17, 2018
Houston, TX
Speaking Topics:
HR Issues


Dr. Charlotte Lacroix

January 19-23, 2019
Orlando, Florida
Speaking Topics:
3 Biggest Trends in HR
Effective & Legal Telemedicine Trends
Fast & Furious Legal Tips
Lessons Learned from Corporate Transactions
Practice Buy/Sell: Value, Financing, Advisors
What You Should Know: Selling to Corporate & Alternatives

Western Veterinary Conference
Dr. Charlotte Lacroix

February 17-20,2019
Las Vegas, NV
Speaking Topics:
What Happens if Tragedy Struck Before You Transitioned Tour Veterinary Practice
Negotiating With Corporate Buyers
Negotiating your Associate Contract from a Corporate Consolidator
Reference Lab Contracts: What to Look For
Listing Agreements: What to look for
Marijuana and your practice

Midwest Veterinary Conference
Dr. Charlotte Lacroix

February 21-24, 2019
Columbus, Ohio
Speaking Topics:
Finding & Retaining Associates
Current Trends in HR
Reasons to Keep Your Employee Manual Current
Establishing Expectations for Performance & Accountability In the Work Place
Managing Ethical Dilemmas in Your Practice

Veterinary Management Group 45
Dr. Charlotte Lacroix

April 4, 2019
Las Vegas, NV
Speaking Topics:
Managing Risks In Practice

Latin American Veterinary Conference
Dr. Charlotte Lacroix

April 7-10, 2019
Speaking Topics:
Emergency Succession Planning
Do You Need A Practice Manager?
How To Compete With Dr. Google
Emotional Intelligence: The Difference Between Average & Exceptional
Cost of Care: Establishing a Value Perception

Veterinary Management Group 34
Dr. Charlotte Lacroix

May 4-6, 2019
Detroit, MI
Speaking Topics:
HR Trends

Veterinary Management Group 38
Dr. Charlotte Lacroix

May 18-20, 2019
Raleigh, NC
Speaking Topics:
HR Trends


Veterinary Management Group 39
Dr. Charlotte Lacroix

April 23, 2020
Speaking Topics: TBD


Let’s hear from the audience…

“I attended Dr. Lacroix’s lectures at VECCS 2018 in New Orleans. She was a very engaging speaker with a wealth of knowledge. Having both a veterinary and legal background certainly gives her a clear perspective on how laws and regulations translate into a clinic environment. I felt the information given at the lectures was applicable and valuable, and I left with great information and ideas to take back to my clinic!”

-2018 IVECCS Attendee

“Dr Lacroix presented an excellent lecture at the IVECCS Meeting in NOLA regarding corporate buyouts in veterinary medicine. She is an extremely knowledgeable and vibrant speaker and very easy to listen to. The information was excellent and extremely worthwhile especially at this time. Kudos and well done Dr Lacroix.”

-2019 IVECCS Attendee

“Sitting in Dr. Lacroix’s presentations were nothing less than eye opening! What I thought would be a boring talk on the law, liabilities, and veterinary medicine turned out to be an enlightening venture navigating through situations I thought I  covered after 30+ years in practice.  While for a short moment  I felt defeated and slightly depressed , it was only for a short moment. Her motivation, explanations, and recommendations for corrective measures got me in gear to rethink current policies and procedures at my hospital, update my employee manual and other documents, and re-educate my staff regarding many of the issues she discussed. Each staff meeting will address many of these issues and become a permanent part of our agenda.  I have a thriving and successful practice and want to keep my risks at a minimum. She was refreshing and enlightening.  Thanks for the boost!”

-Dr. Davis, DVM

“I had the pleasure of attending Dr. Lacroix’s lecture session titled “A Manager’s Role in Veterinary Ethics” last week. I am new to the veterinary field. My past 10 years experience has been in human medical management. Dr. Lacroix’s session was interactive, encouraged audience participation, and really made me think about the dilemmas that come up in veterinary medicine; dilemmas that would not come about in human medicine. I met some amazing managers and had very productive interactions in this session. If you ever have the opportunity, attending one of Dr. Lacroix’s sessions will be time well-spent.”

-Holi Lederer, PM, Santa Clarita, CA

“Dr. Lacroix’s Ethics lecture was the most vibrant and interesting session I attended at the VHMA this year. She is such a great speaker and engages with the audience, keeping your attention the whole time. What I loved most about the content was that she gave puzzling scenarios for us to work through with multiple issues that would twist the case even further. It really brought to light what could possibly happen at our practices and where our current holes in protocol are that need plugging.”

-Marian Rowland BS CVPM

“Dr. Lacroix’s lecture at the VHMA Annual Conference was excellent. She is interesting, engaging and an expert in her field. Her high degree of knowledge regarding HR, Law and Ethics is evident but she presents in a way that is relevant and accessible to all levels of management. I enjoyed how much Dr. Lacroix encouraged participation and audience feedback and tailored her presentation to audience questions. Within days of the conference ending, I received the promised supporting information from the lecture and am able to review and begin to implement while the information is still fresh in my head! I would love to see Dr. Lacroix speak again!”

-Joanne Graham, CVPM

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