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Veterinary Business Advisors was formed more than 15 years ago by Charlotte Lacroix, DVM, JD, with the commitment to providing a wide range of practical business and legal services* to veterinarians and their advisors nationwide. VBA has extensive hands-on experience resolving the numerous challenges that confront today's veterinary practice.

We help veterinarians and their advisors:

  • Negotiate all aspects of employment relationships, including: compensation, benefits, non-competes, options and retention provisions
  • Form, grow and dissolve veterinary partnerships, including specialty and multi-specialty ventures
  • Prepare veterinary practices for the day the founder(s) retire and for the next generation of veterinarians
  • Settle disagreements among partners, or between practice owners and associates and/or staff
  • Buy, sell, lease, merge and split veterinary practices
  • Lease or sublease space, including sharing premises among two or more practices
  • Select and organize the best business entity for their practice
  • Work through all aspects of the employment and independent contractor relationships
  • Rectify veterinary malpractice and state board proceedings and settlements, including providing expert opinions and serving as expert witness
  • Human resources issues, including employee manuals, HR audits, hiring/firing, performance evaluations

    We proudly serve:

    • Generalist, specialist or multi-specialist and/or emergency and critical care practices
    • Ambulatory practices and those established in one or more locations in the same or several states
    • Practices with patients that are small, large, exotic or "whatever comes through the door today."

*Legal services are provided through Dr. Lacroix's law firm for practices in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, the two states where she is licensed to practice law.

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Tolerating substandard performance is giving permission for it to continue. We can help provide you with the tools and courage to hold employees accountable.

Posted by Veterinary Business Advisors, Inc. on Friday, February 6, 2015
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